NüWorkflow is our software application framework which is used as a platform to automate a company’s business processes. Another key feature is its ability to track and report on quality assurance tests, looking for mistakes in data that would otherwise go unnoticed. NüWorkflow also integrates with portfolio management systems, such as Advent Axys, as well as various custodians for reconciliation.

NüWorkflow’s Story

NüWorkflow was born out of the needs encountered while working at an investment firm. The solutions to those needs touch all departments: IT, administration, client service and research. NüWorkflow has features that each department will find useful. For the IT department, features such as creating workflows, managing database connections, and error tracking. For the client service and admin departments, daily reports, automation and quality assurance. For the research department, the ability to re-run certain workflows (setup by IT), via a browser (which means not having to ask someone in the IT department to do it).
Automated tasks need to use database connections, ftp servers, calendar & holiday logic, email templates and other inputs. If only a few tasks exist, then it might be manageable. However, as the number of automated tasks grows, it becomes more important to have a system that will manage your company’s automations. This is where NüWorkflow comes in. NüWorkflow centralizes the organization of a company’s business process automation.

NüWorkflow is a software application framework built specifically to solve a company’s automation needs.

NüWorkflow takes care of managing all the infrastructure, such as the organization of the tasks, the task inputs, order of execution, dependencies, parallel execution, historical tracking and email notifications. NüWorkflow provides software developers a structured framework through which their amazing code will execute.

Dream Come True

NüWorkflow is a dream come true for companies that need automation. Companies that have their own IT department using Microsoft .NET will especially find NüWorkflow useful. Software developers are faced with the challenge of creating customized automations. There are no off-the-shelf solutions available, which means writing code for a new task. NüWorkflow allows software developers to integrate their own custom compiled DLLs to be added as tasks and executed via NüWorkflow. Click here to see how the integration is accomplished.
Any company that needs to automate business processes can use NüWorkflow (not just .NET shops). It has a built-in set of functionality that many firms will find useful. NüWorkflow is especially well suited for financial firms because of its region specific business day logic (e.g. Canadian vs American vs international holidays). Even within Canada, different provinces observe different holidays. NüWorkflow has thought of all of this! It allows the user to define region specific calendars & holidays, and its proprietary “date equations” allow the user to represent almost any rule imaginable. To read more about date equations click here.

Any IT department will love NüWorkflow because it provides a well-defined structure for managing task inputs, it takes care of the multi-threading, sending emails, it tracks everything (execution times, stack trace errors, user inserts and edits), and it allows the IT staff to define which workflows and database tables are available to be accessed by the non-IT staff.

NüWorkflow allows the developers to focus on writing the code for the tasks. With NüWorkflow, the firm’s non-IT staff become less dependent on the IT department for adhoc requests, thus making both departments more productive.

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