About NüPortal

NüPortal can reduce a firm’s ongoing software expenses by eliminating costly license seats and provide staff a more convenient way to access software functionality.

NüPortal is our server application that provides shared access to other software programs. NüPortal is easily installed on a computer within your company’s network and turns that computer into an internal webserver. Your staff can access the programs installed on the webserver using their favorite browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.). NüPortal works with programs that accept command line parameters and output a result (e.g. reports or other data).

Use Cases

—A company may have a limited number of concurrent user licenses for a particular product and find that they regularly exceed the maximum available seats. NüPortal can solve this problem if the program accepts command line arguments. NüPortal can be used to share the application between multiple users. NüPortal can queue multiple requests to a process. Each request will be executed in the order that it is received.

—A company wants to provide access to a program but doesn’t want to install the program on each individual user’s computer. The process can be installed on the server and then users can access it using their browser.

—A web service provider wants a quick way to setup a website that can allow users to upload files, run some type of processing on those files, and output the new files back to the user. For example, converting files from one format to another format.

NüPortal Features

NüPortal is built on the Opulos application framework which provides complete record logging, and powerful data-grids for viewing records, searching and exporting. In addition to those core framework features, NüPortal provides the following:

  • **New** .Net Client API: Leverage the power of NüPortal in your custom developed applications.
  • Customize menubar: The menubar is dynamically generated from the available processes and categories.
  • Categories: Hierarchical categories are defined to create nested menus. Each process belongs to a specific category.
  • Security: Limit which users have access to which processes.
  • Flexible inputs: Input fields are fully configurable. Simply wrap the input fields in <angle brackets>. See the screenshot at the bottom.
  • Define input types: Specify what type of input is expected (number, date, text, boolean, file).
  • Upload files: An input can also be a file uploaded by the user.
  • Default input values: Specify what the default value is so the user doesn’t have to type it in.
  • Input value constraints: Specify the minimum or maximum values that are allowed.
  • Input validation: All inputs are validated before a process is executed.
  • Manage processes: Ability to terminate processes that do not end on their own.
  • Queue processes: Option to only allow one instance of a specific process to execute at a time. Multiple simultaneous requests to run that process are queued.
  • Data output: The output returned to the user can include new files, modified files, and the process’ standard output streams.
  • Convert html to pdf: If the process outputs html files, there is an option to convert those to PDFs which makes it easy to print or download from the browser.
  • Merge PDF files: An option to merge all PDF files into a single PDF file.
  • Zip all files: An option to create a zip file that contains all the output files for easy downloading.
  • Historical tracking: A detailed log provides information on which users ran which processes, when they were ran, how long they took, and much more information.
  • Auto-complete: Easily define data sources for each input field so that as a user types in a text box, a drop down list appears from which the user can select a value.
NüPortal is Quick and Easy to Setup
  1. Install NüPortal on a server. This creates a website that users can access.
  2. Using the NüPortal software interface:
    • Define the processes installed on the server that users can run.
    • Define the arguments (input fields) that users can input, specific to each process.
    • Define the output sources that the process creates. (The output will be sent to the user after the process finishes executing.)
  3. Users can now access the server’s URL in their browser and run the processes that have been setup.

NüPortal provides a user-friendly web interface.


If users are required to login then they will see the login page:

Once a user is logged in they can access the processes via a menubar at the top:

Clicking on any menu item gives the input fields for that process. The input fields stay on the left so that the user can rerun the process without having to re-type the input values. The process’ output appears in the center.

Note: The window is shrunken down for illustration purposes. The viewable area is normally much larger.

Configure which processes are available using our NüPortal application to configure the back-end. Our software has many options for setting up database connections, calendars, holidays, and many more options that come with NüPortal. Here is just one part of the user interface which is used for defining the user input fields that are passed as arguments to the process:

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