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FANMail to Axys

If you are looking for a solution to get your data from DST FANMail into Advent Axys then our NüWorkflow solution could be an option for you. If you are looking to import FAN Mail files into another portfolio management system, then contact us and we will see if we can help you. FANMail to […]

Date Equations

A Date Equation is like a mathematical equation, except for dates. For example, d+1. The value that is passed into the date equation is typically the value of today’s date, and the date equation outputs a new value. In the example, if today is Jan 1, then: (Jan 1) → d + 1 → (Jan […]

NüWorkflow Custom Tasks

This article explains how to write the code for a simple custom task and integrate the compiled DLL with NüWorkflow. Step 1: Open Microsoft Visual Studio: Step 2: Open the New Project dialog: Step 3: Choose the Class Library project type: Must use .NET 4.0 or newer. In the above, “CompanyXYZ” represents the name of […]

Are Your Prices Correct?

Price Jumps It happens to the best of us. We meant to type 128, but instead typed 182. Now a wrong price is lurking in the weeds, waiting to cause reconciliation errors, IRR swings related to GIPS compliance, or worse, be sent to a client in an adhoc report. NüWorkflow provides a well thought out […]

Advent Axys to APX Migration

Misconception There is a misconception that since your current Axys system appears to generate reports correctly, this means that your transaction data is free from errors. If your company has upgraded Advent Axys over the years, then the old transactions were not subject to the new constraints that the updated versions imposed. If you were […]

Advent Axys to SQL Database

We offer a solution that is blazing fast to get all Axys files into a SQL database. Axys to SQL comes as an optional add-on to our NüWorkflow solution. We also provide an option to license our API. If you would like to find out pricing information, then use our contact page. NüWorkflow installation is […]